MM: Agency for Animation and Illustration

Stories are our passion. Be it the WHY, the HOW or the WOW! Animated storytelling has become a significant part of visual communication. Moving images have the power to fascinate and explain your product, idea or service in the best way possible. And then there also are those videos which just are fun to watch or simply informative.

Here you can watch the reel, with special thanks to Ben Thursfield, who is an amazing motion designer. Because we love working for our clients so much, we might lack the time to update this regularly. I am sure we can show you references for a specific topic or style that you might have in mind. But usually we come up with a unique style and work on a concept together.



Take a look at some client projects and creative videos which we provided concept, artwork and animation for.

Fedde Le Grand & Vince Freeman – Devils

Animier Es – the lovestory